Our Story

Organic Heritage Lakay was created out of nostalgia, necessity and love.
Nostalgia because it reminded me of growing up in Haiti and my Grandmothers who used castor oil known in Haitian Creole "Lwil Maskriti", for laxative, natural moisturizer, massage as a wound healer, as an an-inflammatory, reduces acne, and hair and scalp health which also promote hair growth.
Necessity, when I became hands on with helping with the upkeep of my two younger daughters' hair, I
needed a way to manage their hair without using harsh chemicals.
The love because I suffer from chronic back pain and I started using it to reduce inflammation and I also
started using it for facial hair care.
Organic heritage Lakay, Castor oil is grown organically and made from 100% castor oil.
Please take precaution, castor oil can cause an allergic reaction to some people, it can cause diarrhea
and can induce labor.
The ingredient:
Castor oil originates from the oil of the Ricinus communist plant which is known as castor beans.
Although the castor bean has a toxic enzyme calls ricin, the heating process of the castor beans make